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Jason Fleetwood-Boldt is an industry pioneer and leading expert in automated testing and test-driven development.

His team of expert professionals deliver engineering excellence through strong automated testing practices and a rigorous project management process.

Having strong testing practices is fundamental to your enterprise or startup. Without strong testing, your velocity will slow to a crawl and you will be unable to expand your technical team beyond its initial developers.

Helios is ideally situated to help today's entrepreneurs and startups with tomorrow's challenges.

Jason started his career in the late aughts in San Francisco, the hotbed of the tech industry's greatest innovation era.

For this reason, he is the perfect entrepreneur-engineer with a leadership background ideally suited for facing today's engineering challenges. (Jason previously worked as VP for the clothing brand Mack Weldon where he built and scaled one of the most successful stories in e-commerce.)

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Isn't “testing” done by QA people?

No. With codebases tested using automatated testing, the engineers write the tests as part of writing the code itself. Automated testing enables solid agile practices like iteration and refactoring with confidence. This is an essential distinction from no-test waterfall development. With untested software and waterfall practices, the developers are constantly afraid of improving any existing code (paying down code debt) because it might break existing functionality.

With automated tested development, both QA (quality assurance) and Product Acceptance are still essential. However, the test suite dramatically reduces the need for regression testing. We know that we have covered existing functionality by the tests we already wrote.

Hiring QA testers to regression test is an unuseful pattern that often costs more than you think.

You should always be testing and focus on customer outcomes rather than features and velocity.

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