is a
Rails Turbo specialist
including Stimulus, Hotwire and more
  • We help upgrade your Rails 6 to Turbo-Rails
  • We can upgrade Rails 6 to Rails 7
  • We build apps fast with Stimulus + Turbo
  • We build lightweight JS/TS apps with ImportMap
  • We use ActionCable to Build Realtime Interactivity
  • We support Mux for video streaming apps
  • We use ActiveStorage for apps with images
  • We work on Rails-GraphQL apps for React Native APIs and more!
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Rails Turbo Leads the Way

Rails Turbo, Stimulus, ImportMap, and Hotwire

Hotwire and Turbo Rails are now first-class citizens in Rails. That means that Hotwire is the default way to implement new Rails apps.

If you are using Rails as an API-only backend, this likely does not affect you. However, it’s important when structuring a new Rails app to think about how much navigational control you will want to delegate to Rails’s Turbo system.

Many existing Rails apps will see significant improvements by upgrading to Turbo. Your business logic will remain on the server and you won’t write much into Javascript.

These app are fast— really fast!

The speed improvements over traditional Single Page Apps (SPA) are important.

Rails Turbo is a fantastic choice to start your new Rails project today.

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Jason Fleetwood-Boldt leads the way for Rails Turbo Development

Jason's several blog posts evangelizing Rails 7 have shot to the top of Google search results, demonstrating his significant stake in the Rails world and beyond.

Jason continues to pioneer Rails, React, and GraphQL solutions for start-ups and enterprises alike, having recently released Hot Glue, a rapid prototype toolkit for Ruby on Rails 7.

Check out some of Jason's Rails 7 posts and YouTube videos below

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